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    Hello All!
    Since i had to give up growing i don`t really come on here and post anymore.
    Always poking around and seeing what everyone is doing though! Still an awesome community!
    And i miss growing so badly...

    I wanted to share my new vaporizer with you!
    I have owned the Lotus for about a month now and have not touched any of my other vapes.
    It is a butane powered vape but the special thing about this vape is that you DO NOT inhale any butane at all!
    You heat a small metal plate, similar to the Vapman but the Lotus is 100% pure convection! No conduction going on here!

    Using as little as 0,05g of herb will get you one massive lung buster with amazing taste and super effects!
    Since using this vape my consumption has gone down and my high and stone has got better!
    It`s a win, win situation for me!

    Coming from a joint smoking background this vape brings back the ritual of the lighter, the hiss of the flame and just a more interactive approach to vaping!
    This is definitely a full standard vape that you need to practice with!
    Combustion is possible if you over heat the plate!
    After about 4 days of use i was getting consistent results.

    I use it dry with a bong and the water pipe adapter. It`s a thing of beauty!

    It has become my daily driver over my more expensive vapes.

    Check it out here and post back if you have one and your experiences!
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