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Tutorial The MOG Rig - Ratcheting light lift - No Ladders needed.


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Sep 15, 2016
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I just solved a light rigging problem that has plagued me since I started growing indoors. I use the ratchet ropes that are so popular as to be basic grow room equipment. The problem with the damn things is if the ratcheting mechanism is on the light, You can only raise the light to just above head height without getting on a ladder to lift them further and reaching the back one is nearly impossible. You can lower the light fairly easily since the release is on the bottom closest to the light. In order to solve the lifting problem the ratchet gets located at the top of the grow space. This allows you to raise the light all the way to the top by pulling down on the rope end. The problem now is the release is at the top and lowering the light requires standing on a ladder to reach and once again the back ones are a bitch to reach. So to get the best of both worlds I bought a closed loop cord and put two ratchet devices on the loop facing each other so there is a weight bearing side with a release both top and bottom. The welded joint in the cord is marked and kept on the middle of the free cord side so as not to take the weight. The first lifts are made from the bottom until it is hard to do then the remaining lifts are done from the top. This will have the effect of keeping the weaker weld on the non-weight side. Then after harvest when the lights need to be lowered you have a release you can reach. This will move the weld to the wrong side of the device so you just pull it through until it is in the middle of the free side again. No ladders needed. Be careful with the load limit of the cord.

To size the cord double the length of travel and add 1/2 again that much so you have slack on the free side to reach and pull the lift.

I bought mine here:

ScreenHunter_256 Apr. 27 12.43.jpg

You have to dis-assemble the ratchets to get the closed loop cord installed. It is not too hard but the little spring on the locking pin can be a hassle if it pops out.