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Jul 12, 2018
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hello guys and gals.

i'm a long time bud enthusiast from the UK, frustrated with the cost, hassle and inconsistency that comes with the procurement of something worth smoking.

my partner suffers from a chronic pain disorder; one guess as to the best medicine she's found?
this has become a motivation to quit blowing hard earned cash on average-at-best lemons and cookies probably grown under a 60w candle bulb, and actually grow a pair and grow our own.

that being said, i lack real hands-on experience. i've been fortunate enough to visit a couple of grows over the years and have a fair idea of how to go about things, but i'm struggling to finalise several purchases to get us up and running.
is there somewhere on AFN i could ask for recommendations on a few specific items? mainly tent brands and best filtering options. maybe some advice on cobs and different arrangements i could look at? i haven’t committed to any purchases yet i'm open to any and all advice.

of course, the poorly missus isn't really the only motivation here. i really like bud. like a lot.

happy to be here. :jointman:
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Jul 14, 2014
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mainly tent brands and best filtering options. maybe some advice on cobs and different arrangements i could look at? i haven’t committed to any purchases yet i'm open to any and all advice.
I have only used Vortex fans and Phresh filters over the years and they have been very good to me. Just be sure that the "cfm" is higher on the filter than the fan.
I am currently in the most expensive tent, the Gorilla and prior to that the second most expensive. Do not waste your money on the expensive tents. Zippers are the most consistent problem I've endured bar none and see no reason to buy an expensive tent ever again when I know there will be eventual zipper problems. The Gorilla is absolutely ridiculous with 5, yes 5 zippers in front just to get into tent. Moronic and frustrating!
If you think you will buy a fan controller, take a look at a Variac controller. I have two and they are my favorite growing pieces. Highly incremental. Other than when the weather is warm, I don't have the fan speed faster than 50%.
As to your partners pain, you will definitely want to research 1:1 cbd/thc, 2:1 cbd/thc strains. They will help. I will, in the nearish future, be changing to growing all cbd plants. The 2:1 cbd/thc allows one to go about their business unencumbered. 2:1 cbd/thc is not psychoactive. For bad days and extra sleep/pain help I very much like the Afghan Kush Ryder. You can also buy cbd powder and oil online. It is on expensive side.
For cobs checkout Autocobs at www.cobshop.net. Built by a member. They are great lights for many reasons. Very efficient, bright as the sun, low electrical draw, no noise, small and easy to move around.
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Jan 6, 2015
@Froot n Fuel welcome to AFN brother.
It really all depends on your budget.
There are cheap tents on ebay/amazon for 40 or 50 quid but you do get what you pay for there.
Ive used a lighthouse tent for years now and its still in good nick.
Lights and fan/filter combo are determined by the size of tent you go for


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May 18, 2014
Hi and welcome to AFN bro. You'll be glad you decided to grow your own smoke :bighug::welcome: the advice and support you'll get on AFN is the best there is. Good luck setting up.. you'll be droppin a few beans in no time I'm sure :cheers::headbang: my only advice would be to stretch as much as you can and buy the best quality equipment that you can from the start.. budget usually dictates!!

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Jul 7, 2018
Welcome! I am with you on growing your own. While I do have quite a few like minded friends it is not easy to come by here. Not only that I don't want to be in a position where I get caught up with law enforcement. I have also found that the smoke is indica dominant and I much prefer a Sativa. So for all those reasons I am quite motivated to do this. Plenty of friendly experienced growers here so I think we are going to be okay.
Good luck!