Toof Decay F6

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    Toof Decay F6

    Did it autoflower?: Yes




    Maxiduo azos mykos wp calmag southern ag biofungicide

    Light (kind and schedule):

    Marshydro 600 led new series, Mars hydro led 300 new series, Mars hydro led 300 old series

    From seed to harvest date: 63days

    Dry Yield:44g

    High/Effect Duration:

    Very relaxing. Just an all around amazing smoke. She is such a classic indica afternoon smoke. Shes one to take with you to a party at your friends. Once she cures she is one for bbq after dinner to relax instead of the beer. Some will get giggly but k just get relaxed and wanna chat while others do their thing and chat around a firepit. A great summer high with a wonderful calming feeling. Smoke too much and you can fall asleep.

    RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great


    --2.5 not super dense but that could be my fault from a nute deficiency and also from breaking off the stems... but they were loaded with trichomes... so I would like to make a subjective change here of "if you know toof decay, you can get denser phenotypes, but this is a great phenotype and great result for removing most of the stems. I tested this method of making smaller "shooter marble" versus "golfball" sized wet nugs to dry in paper bags as I always thought that the golf balls were going to just dry a bit too slow for me and kept the chlorophyll taste and it kept foo much stem that made it hard for me to break off later, so I figured I would try a method of breaking it all off the stems to dry. It all dried into popcorn sized but. But the smell after initial dry is outstanding


    --5 pushed through a nute issue and got done 63 days from sprout


    --amazing floral berry with the new found cheese. Also my mil said "where'd you get that? A skunks ass?" And I gave her a 0.05g piece of uncured toof decay to try. I found a great method for drying this and it is much more pleasing on the nose. Such a beautiful smell. I dont smell anything but weed after the initial dry. It smells cured to me. Such a great smell. F6 roof decay has it all! Such an amazing sensation.


    Just awesome. So great and so tasty like smoking cheese and flowers and fruit. I could imagine crossing this with some other strains. I wonder what this and sour crinkle would be like


    --kinda described it above. Relaxing but can be creative. So nice and smooth. I can just get caught in it for a while. Such a classic you have to grow for yourself. You can feel your aches go away and just chill while still doing things if you want. When I want it can make me energetic. And its effect changes as it cures

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