Trapper Vs A-Train

Who do you think Won this epic battle..?

  • Trapper

    Votes: 25 78.1%
  • A-Train

    Votes: 7 21.9%

  • Total voters
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Auto Warrior
Sep 16, 2016
@Loud Pipes @Fairlynew @HashMaster

Come one Come all... it's great to have you here for this one.

Any one that has ever been military knows there is a proper way to do everything. (Except the air force they really just do whatever). So in true military form .....

Please ladies and gentlemen fill the arena seats...... right to left..... front to back... . No skipping seates..... no saving for your fucking battle buddy..... get in get your ass in a seat and enjoy the show hahahahaha

Please tell me someone knows wtf I'm talking about lol
Train you were in the military?

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