True Terpenes says Viscosity not for ingestion or inhaling.

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Jun 19, 2016
This is discouraging to see and read. I was just thinking about and looking into making carts.

if nature is illegal, freedom doesnt exist..
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I got sick as hell from carts this year. Dank vape also. Hospitalizied for a day given steroids and had phenomia and after wards two weeks later I have bronchitis now. Went back got more steroids. Won't vape ever again in my life!!! Did it for two weeks and bam!!!!

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Dec 15, 2018
Not to mention ive emailed about 10 companies and all unfilled cart atomizers are currently made in china. So they only have to be rohs brass of 4 percent to be shipped here. Meaning they all have lead in them. Now as of january 2019 california passed a law to allow the least amount of lead in cartridges. Like 16 percent less than the next state or something. I did however find 2 companies that sold unfilled carts lead free. Running about 8 to 10 dollara a peice. If anyone wanting to avoid smoking lead carts and wants to make carts im sure i can take the time to look back in emails to find which ones they were. Until everything settles out with the carts im not messing with them. This includes the real CCELL as well.