Vapo's Skyline 400(Mk2) + CMH Adventure!!

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Feb 20, 2017
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I AM BACK WITH A STUPENDIFYING COLLABORATION..:toke:.....Ladies and Gentlemen, as the title reads.....I have gone further than ever before and added my old CMH 315w to the tent of delights, with the awsome Skyline400 (Mk2).......I know, right?.....fucking awesome eh!!!....I am pulling a total of 515w from the wall now..:yoinks::yoinks:..more than ever for me....BUT still less wattage than a pretty standard 600w HID.....:d5:.........ok, now I have been pretty vacant(woo Sex Pistols)on AFN over the last week or so......the charging port on my tablet has gone and had a wobbly....brilliant!!.....anyway, after I took the pics of the half a Fugue....and saw what frosty brilliance I could achieve with a Skyline400(Mk2)...... "just imagine what I could do with the CMH in there?........." I thought.......and this thread was born onto the AFN :yay::yay::yay:......this little arrangement suits me just fine at the moment........because of the SeedStockers BCN Critical that did not flower:fire::fire::face:....I am way behind on my meds for me and the missus and I need a really big yield to cover me, so I am trying to pull out all the stops, so to speak......:condom:
Now you know what has been happening with me....we are about to hit the ground running as this thread is a carry on from "Vapo and the awesome Skyline 400" .......I have 2 mainlined Sin tra Bajo ladies fron Barneys Farm that are eating my remaining Dutch Pro nutes..........and a Mephisto Jammie Dodger and 3Bears OG that are eating my new nutes, Buddah's Tree.......the Sin tra Bajo have been a pleasure to grow so far and have mainlined beautifully.........the Mephisto are still without further are some pics.......:smiley1:

EDIT:.....the 3BOG is in the round fabric.....sry forgot :baked:
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Oct 6, 2016
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I am good thx are you?......just takin the dogs out for a walk inbetween the rain lol.....:smiley1:
are zeta is crashed out next to me zzzz she still thinks shes tiny not a big hairy german shepherd

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Sep 1, 2014
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Hey bro @Vapo69

Cheers for the tag!:smoking:
Nice to see you have a new harry spankers CMH!!:headbang:
I did a lot of research on the these when they first came out and when they could only be purchased from the US at that time,at that point, I was part of the ICMag CMH discussion group but LEDs took my money and I haven't looked back.
It is a great step up in HID lighting, with CMH combining both MH & HPS technology in one bulb, which gives full spectrum light.
Combining full spectrum CMH with the Skyline 400 should be a great match, especially as using both will have a higher PPFD than an HPS 600 and also using less Wattage than an 600 HPS.:woohoo1:
The Sin tra Bajo look "Proper BO, I Tell Thee"
(I'm sure your from the UK and will get the reference):thumbsup:

3 bears OG is a classic Mephisto strain but not seen "Jammy Dodgers" grown out before, i love the british renaming of the US named strain "Strawberry Cookies".
I will be vert interested to follow the progress of this grow, in part due to your nute change to "Buddha's Tree", especially because it was you that first introduced me to "Advanced Meta Boost" from their range.
It's a real shame that the Seedstockers BCN didn't flower :nono: I've heard of a few bad grow using Seedstocker beans but also of so that have done really well, I hope they sort they're reliability problem out!
Needless to say I am subbed up:pop: