Walter White

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MR magoo

myopic cantankerous curmudgeon.
Jul 25, 2017
Currently Smoking
Walter White, Ghaze x Diesel , Nashira.
just had to make a few comments on the Mephisto Walter White.:toke: at first, I was worried.:yoinks:full bloom no smell? But plenty of trichomes and extremely resinous.. chopped around day 70, after checking trichomes with microscope. still no smell? after hanging for five days, rh at 40%
was able to smoke. no taste?? at this point I was disappointed :shrug: the strength was very high a nine.:dizzy:so jarred her up and about three weeks later still very little smell a hint of citrus and vanilla. :cool1: and a profound change in taste:drool::drool:150% improvement. :woohoo:
it taste like a pure hashish now absolutely delicious. and knocks this old toker for a loop.