Weed in a Telos6 Chamber

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Feb 13, 2015

Decided to give up single diaries and start single thread for all i grow here. This will make things simpler and topic more informative in time.
For a start, I'm giving a chance to clones, which were put into small pots in other, my older grow box under 10W 6500K cheap Chinese LED and been slowly vegging there for almost 3 months. In that time they were topped and has grown in to nice slingshots, which i could not resist to give them a try. Planned Desfran for this grow, but now it is a perfect moment to start a grow with these slingshots, so here we are :D
For this grow i will use full pack of Cellmax Organics. Will use carefully and without any other nutes, and another thing their Organic Light mix is already charged with 7-7-10, so i will need only bloom nutes and PK booster, which I'm already familiar with.
For lighting will use Telos6, without any side lighting.

SO here we are, first slingshot is Portela. It's a clone of plant i grown from seed previous time, and I did not manage to grow her well then, so I'm giving this another try. Bit damaged roots while transplanting, hoping that's not critical, should not be.

Second is Power Plant. Got this clone long ago and it is also a slingshot
powerplant 000.JPG

Next goes Kraken. This one is extremely interesting to me, i grow it for long time already and I'm amazed how stable she is. In short - that's clone of reveged clone of clone of fem. How that sounds? :D Will see how she performs this time, that is for my curiosity only. Will see how it goes :)
She is smallest, as she spent less time in slow veg and I chose her only today, when decided to grow 4 plants again instead of single Desfran.

All these were planted in to 3l airpots, and will get wick watering later, every one of them. This 3l airpot is just enough for compact plant, but it can not contain enough water, for let's say 3 days, and that is annoying. Fixed some synthetic belts in bottoms of all 3l pots, will make special tanks under them later.

And the last slingshot is CBD Mango Haze, she is special guest here and she received 5l airpot, also will receive most of the space. I did like her mother's smoke and want her to give me a bit more of what she has :) That's also old clone of clone of clone, will see how she performs.
cbd mango haze.jpeg

And here they are, alltogether with all food as it is and will be. Just transplanted, so looking sad, but should get much better just in couple of days. They all had plenty of roots and everything, so it should go explosive fast.

And this is Desfran, i will tie a knot on her soon and bury all it later, she will slowly veg till this grow is over. But that not seems to be a problem to her and ater i transplant her with all these undeveloped nodes under Telos, guess what will happen :D But till then, she is furher under 10W LED, slowly growing. She has eaten long ago what was in substrate, now i give her weak teas to keep her hungry and weak and not to rip apart that small box of mine :D

That's it for now, will update soon. Hoping you will like this one :)


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Feb 13, 2015
And here they are, one week in veg, after moving them to bigger box under Telos.

Kraken is cloned many times and is weakest now, that's the last grow for her, had her for almost 2 years. Anyway, she started recovering too, so she will stay till the end.

CBD Mango Haze is also cloned many times, but less than Kraken and is stronger. Also she has bigger pot, so she will catch on later. For now she started to grow nicely.

Next goes Portela. She is taken first time from her mom, so clone is stronger and she's recovering jut nicely.

And last goes PowerPlant. This one is first generation clone too and is strongest now.

All together

Will veg them for 2-3 weeks more and switch to flower then.


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Feb 13, 2015
3.5 weeks here

Gained some size, but not enough yet to flower, so will veg them for a week more, train them more and take few clones from them.
They ate all nutes in substrate, so gave them my veg tea, not to slow growth.
Moved 2 plants to 5l airpots, they needed some time to adapt there.
Here they are, lets start from weakest, that's Kraken and she is a mutant, but she's growing and has no balls yet, so i'm keeping her further.

These two are Portela and PowerPlant. They were moved to 5l pots, now recovered and started to grow normally. Will take few clones from them later, train a bit more also.

CBD Mango Haze was not stressed and is biggest, will train her in couple of days also
CBDMango Haze025.JPG

All together. In a week will finally switch them. They will take their full month of veg after all.