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Oct 8, 2012
Hey everyone we'd like to welcome the company Forever Green Indoors to the Autoflower Network!


Forever Green Indoors provides lighting solutions for both commercial and the home growing horticultural markets and wanted to show their products off and help educate our growers on what's out there for grow light solutions!

Their representative on-site is @Forever Green Indoors and he will be logging in weekly to check on posts and to reply to questions and we'll get a contact information thread up as well for best times/methods to contact them at their place of business if you'd like.

They've also generously donated some panels to our product testing team for a grow-and-show, so we'll have a full documented journal here on AFN showing the experience first hand and hopefully a guided look through on how to best use their lights!



Welcome again Forever Green Indoors and we're looking forward to seeing some grows done with your products!