what kind of grow tent are you using.

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Northern Grower

Jan 2, 2011
I have a 4 foot X 4 foot. Which is 7 feet high. I have a single 600w HPS in there. Grows the hell out of em!


I have a homebox xl with one phillips son-t 600w hps in cooltube attached to one 350m3 oxfan and 350m3 carbon scrubber. One 12" ocilating fan. Im loving it:)


Had to change tents to a slightly smaller one to fit in the loft. I now use a Secret Jardin. I rate it 6 outa 10 overall, i prefer the normal material and zips of the budbox over secret jardin.

Secret Jardin XL (120cmx120cmx180cm)
silver textured lined interior
1 big passive intake flap, not light baffled but closable.
1 12 inch duct opening at base for fan input if used.
12 inch extraction duct hole in roof.
NO holes in sides to run a cooltube
1 smaller hole for cables at bottom.
Roof holds up to 30kg.

I use
600w HPS on basic euro reflector.
Ruck extraction pulling 600m3 ph. - extracts to hole in loft floor to bedroom.
Passive intakes from loft.
Tent temps 10c - 25c as it's colder outside now i am worried it's going to go below 10 during really cold spells.