When to harvest autos? Your leaves will tell you.

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Jan 7, 2011
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One of the most frequently asked questions is how do I know when my autos are ready to pick? The convention wisdom from growing photo period plants was to watch for color change in the trichomes, or crystals. For an uplifting high, harvest when the trichomes are all cloudy, for more of a stone, wait till a percentage have turned amber. Sound advice, for photos. But autos are a little different. While some strains have shown amber trics, many do not.

So how do I know when they are ready? I watch the the fan leaves. Over the past several years of growing autos I started taking samples at various stages of growth to evaluate the high. I tend to prefer my smoke with a little stone so began to leave them longer than the 8-9 weeks that are advertised. I find that around 11-12 weeks the plants are ripe for me. I also began to see a correlation between the color of the fan leaves, the color of the trics and the high/stone quality of the smoke at the various sample intervals. It seemed that the greener the fan leaves, the more clear trics the buds had. As the fan leaves started to yellow and die off, the trics became less clear and more milky. By the time that all the fan leaves had died off and the bud leaves were starting to yellow, I got the quality of smoke I wanted. At that time most of the trics were now milky with no, or only a few, clear ones. Here are some examples:

AA 2.JPGAA 011.JPGOnyx and AA 014.jpgAA 1.JPG

I've found this to be a very reliable method. It takes about 3 weeks for the fan leaves to die off. During that time the buds will continue to fatten up as the plant uses the energy stored in the fan leaves. So when I see my leaves start to yellow, I wait a week, then begin cleansing them. Two weeks later they will be well cleansed and read to harvest.

Of course there will be other factors such as genetics, lighting, nutrients, pot size, etc. that will effect how long a plant takes. But as a general guide for when to pick, just watch your leaves.

NOTE: If you have questions regarding your personal grow, please post them in the appropriate forum and not in this thread.
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Great info....proven methods....from a very good source!
At one time, I took my girls a bit early for the UP...now I like to watch'em fatten a lil more and get some stone too! + rep to Muddy for a simple straightforward guide.


Thanks for your sharing your experience with this.. This is my first indoor project using auto varieties - would you normally recommend cutting the nitrogen completely as the plant advances to maturity?


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Aug 28, 2011
funny how 2 weeks is no time at all except when your smokeless --i really hate to go spend 100.00 on some bagweed when i got 5 lowryders and a deiselryder and a cronic ryder swelling up at an undisclosed location a few weeks out-----but heck what ya gonna do!--will have to try that muddy.it says 8 weeks but i was shooting for 9 weeks--may have to wait till 10 weeks total grow---wow 2 or 3 weeks seem like forever!!!like tom petty sang----waiting is the hardest part!!!