White Crack

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Cannabis Seeds


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Oct 21, 2017
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SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics
Strain: White Crack

Did it autoflower?: Of course

Soil/hydro: coco in Autopots

Nutes: Megacrop 1.0

Light (kind and schedule): HLG 100 3k, plus an additional 120 watts of screw in LEDs. 20-4 light schedule

From seed to harvest date: 74 days

Dry Yield: approximately 1.5 oz based on quart jar fillage

High/Effect Duration: somewhere between death by snu snu and being smothered by a truckload of hot cinnamon buns. If I would have been any more debilitated, Jerry Lewis would have done a telethon for me.



THE GROWTH: got left unattended for weeks at a time, light burned, and suffered some near 0 temps. Shook it off like a honey badger.

THE SMELL: pungent rotten fruit

THE SMOKE: rich but not super expansive, slight fuel smell but not a get busted by the neighbors smell

: This is and was the most potent weed I've ever smoked. I've been smoking since the mid 80s. I've been to Amsterdam. I've smoke head stash with drug smugglers in Mexico and rave DJs in London in the 90s.

White Crack put me in another plane of existence. It turned a 15 minute quicky with my wife into a 90 minute long tantric sex documentary. It made me question my atheism.

I gave some to a coouple of friends and now they (who have never grown before) are buying lights and seeds.



Auto Warrior
Nov 8, 2017
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Great report. That's some funny sh!t.

I broke out my recently cured White Crack for the first time last Thursday for my buddies at our semi-regular poker night. Needless to say, they were ecstatic about it. I wound up taking their money, it was like playing with zombies. But they weren't complaining, except when I said I didn't have enough to share with them, then they complained!