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Female Seeds

Wile-E tries some Female Seeds

Wile e Peyote

oh bollocks
Jan 10, 2015
to the left a bit
Grow Equipment
: Bud Box Pro White XL - 120x120x200
Extraction : 6 inch silenced hyper fan and 6 inch carbon fresh filter
2x 150 watt cree panels by AMARE
1 x SE250 Cob
Growing system: 3x 15 ltr Autopots and airdomes
Medium:coco70% 30% Canna Aqua pebbles and a 3 inch layer of Canna Aqua pebbles covering the airdomes all washed and sat in ph'd water for 24 hours
Nutrients: growtech liquid silica, Canna calcium and Magnesium,Canna Rhizotonic, Canna A+B,Advanced Nutrients Sensi grow and bloom,big bud coco and overdrive

ive been growing for about 3 years now only autos so at the start of the year with I decided to start some photoperiods as I grow in the loft (UK) it can hit between 35c and 40c during the day even using LED's the temps can get a tad toasty so with photos only needing 12/12 to flower I set my big tent to 12/12 I am on my second round of clones with the next cuttings already rooted(think I jumped the gun a bit there:smoking:) and have planted a female seeds Lemon Kush she will be kept in a smallish pot for a while as I have around 23 weeks to go before I can put any Lemon Kush cuttings in the flowering tent jumped the gun again who me never :doh:well here she is at 14 days old shes being fed on 2 ml rhizotonic and 1.25 ml Canna A+B ph'd to 5.7 pic time
Lemon Kush day 14

will try to update weekly but I'm a right dozy arse :baked::jump::jump:
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