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Grow Battle Show Case 2019 woody presents: Cherry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

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Jan 2, 2011
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Bomb seeds cherry bomb germination

Week 1 update for the cherry bombs
Just onto the drip feeds today. 15mins x 4 times a day

View attachment 1011782

Week 2 - day 9

Still on 4 x 15min feeds daily
Ppm 300

View attachment 1014711

Week 3 day 14

Girls are doing fine they'll really start to take off over the next week.

View attachment 1018115

Week 4 day 21

Feeds are on 8 times a day for 15mins
Ph 6.0
Ppm 500

Time to narrow it down to one plant as my official battle entry. Cherry bomb [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] is the larger of the two but [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG]was topped and could be a great plant in a few weeks hmmm i'll take a gamble and pick [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG].

View attachment 1021879

Week 5 day 29

Cheery bomb auto is doing well, she responded well to the topping and is still in veg mode.
Under 240w of samsung led
Ppms are around 550 i upped the calmag and ph is stable at 6.0

Week 6 day 35

I bumped the light up to 75% 360w
Drippers are on 15mins every 3 hours.
Feed is at 550ppm and PH 6.0
1.5ml/L grow micro bloom
0.5ml shogun calmag
0.5ml cyco silica
0.5ml sm90

And after some leaf defoliation to help with better air circulation and light penetration.

Week 7 Day 42
Light still on 75% 360w
Drippers are on 15mins every 3 hours.
Feed is at 550ppm and PH 6.0
1.5ml/L grow micro bloom
1ml shogun calmag
1ml cyco silica
0.5ml sm90

Week 8 day 47
Lights still on 75% 360w
Feeds on 15min every 2 hours 2.5ml bloom 2ml micro 0.5ml grow 0.5ml density 0.5ml sm90
So bloom nutes are pushed up and grow is lowered. Added 0.5ml/L of density pk booster- first time trying it out.
Hopefully it helps this P deficiency.

Week 9 - Day 57

Nothings changed this week except density pk 13/14 is up to 1ml per litre.

Shes fattening up nicely and stinking the place out. If the smoke is anything like the smell it'll be seriously strong

Week 10 day 65

Lights still on 75% 360w
Drippers on 15mins every 2 hours
Ph 5.9-6.2 ppm 800
Micro 1.5ml Bloom 2.5ml Density 1.5ml sm90 0.5ml calmag 0.5ml

These girls are on the home straight now. I cut the grow out of the feed and slightly upped the pk additive.

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Apr 28, 2016
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Great Summary - nicely done sir.
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