WW Autoflowering, DWC, 0.12m2, GN HS1


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Feb 13, 2015
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Hi guys :)
Been reading this forum for a while and decided to give myself a try with HS1 in my small stealth cabinet.
Got WW Autoflower by Dinafem and done full cycle with it.
Actively used lst and defoliation techniques - these always work for me.
DWC is DIY with 9.5 litres of working nutes.
Been using Cellmax hard water line + GHE Mineral magic + GHE Diamond nectar + Superthrive + Hesi supervit
All cycle went in 100 days. There was a pH fuckup in the beginning, which i think caused some lag in growing, but final result is really great and i am very happy to introduce you whole cycle in one serie of photos.
Total final dry wight was strong 130 grams.
Hoping that you will like what you will see :)


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