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Your Pulse ONE is ready to ship.


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Nov 15, 2017
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It’s time!

ONE preorders have shipped and new orders are shipping same day. Keep an eye out for your tracking numbers if you haven’t already received your preorder.

Everyone at Pulse Labs really appreciates all of the early supporters, especially the beta users like all the AFN testers, Gaspack, db003, Lostleaf, Growercanada, Heroes/Pigfarm, Craftcob,Trichopia, EJ, and manyyy more that continue to provide amazing feedback and shape the future of Pulse.
New users: please use of the ‘Feedback’ feature in the app -- we listen!

What's new with Pulse ONE:
  • Upgraded RH sensor - improved component with higher accuracy throughout a wider range of temperatures and conditions
  • Stronger antenna - increased WiFi range and better signal interference resistance. Tested in ‘noisiest’ radio frequency facilities with zero interruptions.
  • More compact - overall device size has been reduced by over 30%
  • Skip the setup - ability to have your device delivered preconfigured to your WiFi. Plug and play out of the box.
  • Completely wireless - go wire-free with 3xAA battery power. Battery optimization is still in beta, email [email protected] to have the latest firmware applied to your devices for improved battery life.
  • Connect more - the Pulse ONE will be the hub for future device releases including pH, moisture content, airflow, and leak detection. More on this to come!
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What's next?
Tune in to the Autoflower interview and Heavy T Grow Show (begins at 1:00:00) podcast where we talk about upcoming product releases!