Zambeza Seeds Monster Test Thread

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Jan 7, 2016
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Right then here we go i will kick things off.yesterday i put a couple of auto white cheese into a glass of water they had sank 12 hours later so into paper towel into a old cd case and put at the top of the tent.12 hours later we have a little tap root from 1 of the seeds so she has been put into her final pot with a little water and a homemade humidity dome on top,now we wait for life.i have gone with an airpot instead of an autopot so i can have full control of the grow

My setup

Tent=60x100x180 secret jardin dr60
Light=200w diy citizen clu-48-1212s cobs 4000k
Fan/filter=rhino pro carbon filter,rhino single speed extraction fan,6inch desk fan
Fans=2 6inch clip on fans
Heater=80w 2ft tube heater
Medium=plagron light mix
Nutes=AN sensi bloom,density calmag pro,density power boost pro
Pots=1 pot 15ltr airpot

Thanks for popping by :pass: