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Raoul Duke

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Apr 3, 2017
Thanks bud. I wish I had taken better care of her but life has gotten in the way. Nevertheless, she seems to be very resilient, she smells great, and the thricome production is excellent even though she's been abused.

Your girl looks fantastic by the way. Looks like your getting some colour too.
Those colours!! I love it when plants fade back like that. Great pics man :pass:
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Dec 24, 2015
Day 61 in image though today is actually 5:45am day 62. I'm hoping they start to naturally mature to harvest point within the next week. This girls also got a couple little purple flowers over each top with resin to spare. Hoffman has been a real suprise so far, they were the biggest of the seedlings turned smallest in flower but they are sporting some very dense bud with some really thin leaves that don't seem to match but I'm not complaining.