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4x Blond Russian ladies in a 70x70 cm tent

I have never grown Autos, however as I run through my seed stock I do intend to try Auto's at a later date. (hope this is in the right place)

Grow tent is 70x70cm
2 plastic buckets, 2 grow bags.
6x CLU048 1212 3500k cobbs
1x HLG-320h-C1050a
Soil is bio and perlite, 80/20 mix
Plagron terra grow
Plagron terra flower
4 x Blond Russian ladies

I made the light, using a stone cold rad, 1mtr x 195 x 50 cut into two 500mm lengths and 2mtrs of 2.5x2.5cm right angle aluminium strips.
in the initial pics the cobbs were running at 600mA hence the dark lines, once the Hlg was at full beans it is pumping out 1200mA
IMG_20210827_193623.jpg lightbuild.jpg IMG_20210805_162603.jpg IMG_20210809_122851.jpg IMG_20210812_182723.jpg IMG_20210813_120239.jpg IMG_20210823_082859.jpg IMG_20210827_193713.jpg IMG_20210829_172754.jpg IMG_20210830 lightdefol.jpg IMG_20210901_095528.jpg IMG_20210902_135510.jpg IMG_20210903_135319.jpg IMG_20210905_070121.jpg IMG_20210909_223647.jpg IMG_20210911_194730.jpg IMG_20210911_194634.jpg

Flipped to 12/12 04/09, final pics are first pistils appearing


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