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Completed April Fool’s Magical Mystery Drop

I’ve been digging thru old stock and found a bunch of seeds all mixed up in one of my older containers.
I decided to drop a handful on a lark, I’m waiting on some new seeds and I needed to keep my year long monthly drop stagger going so I said what the heck.
I ended up with 4 lil sprouties, popped up on April 1.
gonna treat em like all the rest, coco loco and megacrop. Cobs and qbs.


Ours is literally just to change possession under an ounce to where it would be a max $500 fine and no chance of jail time! That’s if our sorry Lt Governor even puts the bill up to be heard and voted on in the senate! Last session in 2019 he claimed it went against his religion and wouldn’t even hear it! :cuss::cuss:

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