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Auz’s Autoflowering Álfwort Garden (a.k.a. AAAG!)

I am a Canadian with a medical license to grow 24 plants. I grow cannabis to control symptoms of post-Lyme disease syndrome. I also use for both recreational and spiritual purposes. I did my first photoperiod grow last year and started a perpetual autoflower grow in September 2020.


I got a Blumat irrigation system, which I love. Unfortunately, it took a while to get used to, so I underwatered and overwatered a few times. I also might have had my light too close at times. The four plants I just harvested were not very heavy yields, but the smells and bud density is good.


My cats ate the last two plants I tried to reverse with STS to create female pollen. I am going to try again, but will be much more careful this time.


I am calling Double Grape X 3 Bears OG “Berserkr” because these Viking warriors were dedicated to the god Óðinn (Odin). In the lore, Odin is known for his love of wine and patronage of warriors. Berserker warriors are also pretty “OG” (original gangster) and they farmed near the ocean (ocean grown) during the ‘off season’. They were known for wearing bear hides (‘bear-shirts’ is their literal name) and being furious, entranced warriors that could channel a magical battle frenzy. Kinda like a “Reefer Madness” high.

MEDIUM: Coco and perlite, 1:1 ratio; augmented with some Gia Green Living soil; worm castings; some ProMix with mycorrhizae; Gia Green All Purpose (4-4-4) organic fertilizer.

  1. ⛺ TENT: True North Lighting, 476W Plate fixture, 3,000K & 4,000K diodes, 86,156 lumen; cycle of 24 hours on
  2. TOTE: 8 X 40 watt blurples; cycle of 24 hours on
  3. ⚗ TERRARIUM: 7 watt LED aquarium light; cycle of 24 hours on

ENVIRONNENT: 5X5 Grow Tent; two crown fans; averaging 22C temperature & 35% relative humidity

TENT STRAINS (top left to bottom right):
  1. PURE | Canuk Seeds | 3 gallon fabric pot
  2. MANBEARALIENPIG Mephisto Genetics | 7 gallon
  3. CANNA-CHEESE | Mephisto Genetics | 7 gallon
  4. BERSERKR | Mephisto Genetics 3 Bears Ocean Grown X Double Grape | 7 gallon
  5. AMNESIA | Canuk Seeds | 7 gallon
  6. CANNA-CHEESE | Mephisto Genetics | 7 gallon
  7. ELIXIR | Canuk Seeds | 3 gallon
  8. 2 X SWEET TOOTH | Canuk Seeds | shared > 7 gallon milk crate
  9. SWEET TOOTH | Canuk Seeds | 5 gallon
  10. SWEET TOOTH | Canuk Seeds | 3 gallon
  11. ELIXIR | Canuk Seeds | 3 gallon

  1. ELIXIR | Canuk Seeds | pollen project | 1/3 of a 7 gallon fabric pot

  1. BERSERKR | Mephisto Genetics 3 Bears Ocean Grown X Double Grape | pollen project | 7 gallon

⏰ AGE: various ages

POT: 3 to 7 gallon fabric pots; details in plant description

NUTRIENTS: Dress (by filling voids) at flowering stage with coco augmented with Gia Green Power Bloom organic fertilizer (2-8-4), worm castings, and Cal-Mag.

WATERING: Blumat automatic hydrostatic irrigation system; rested tap water, about pH 7.0


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