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Heya guys and gals!
Here we go with the final plant in the tent for Operation Pounder, Nurple from Binary Selections.

Ya know the drill, heres super duper quick recap of setup....
5gal pot with amended coco loco
Combo of autocobs and qb for light
1 shot from nftg amendment for soil
Real Growers Recharge for additives
In 4x4x6 tent with 4 other seedlings.

Nurple is coming up on week 1 so we will wait for friday to update and add a page, but i wanted to go ahead and get this started up.

Hopefully the grow is an easy one, and hope to catch ya in here sometime!

Thanks and chack back later for updates!

Edit- week 4 check in
Nurple is doing so so. It had a hard time during week 2 and it’s not caught up tho it’s trying to stretch and get big.
doesn’t seem to be as hearty to my tent environment nor does it seem to be as forgiving in regards to issues and such.
I’m gonna let it go cause it was a gift but it’s def not muh fav this round.


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