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Operation Pounder

Wassup peeps?
Ive just started up a big round of plants and wanted to share the experience.
Operation Pounder refers to our goal of 1lb of dried bud by the end of this round. the rub is this grow is basically a lebowski level lazy grow. i wanna prove to myself that growing good weed, and sizeable amounts, doesnt have to be hard.
We are using a 4x4x6 tent and this round is going to be 5x 5gal pots so hopefully we end up with some wall to wall coverage.
There will be 5 different strains in play. A few of them are sponsored and will be getting their own specific entries later.
Our approach is stupid easy, and in effect will be a water only grow using coco loco for medium and 1 shot from nftg to amend the soil. There will be weekly recharge feeds as well but if everything goes to plan the rest of the feeds will be strictly water.
i wont check ph at all unless the plant starts screaming from issues, but for the nerds who need to know things....average ph of my tapwater over the last 7 months has been 6.8. and that right there is basically the cornerstone of the lebowski method lol. so hopefully this grow goes like this....water the damn plant when its thirsty. thats it.
We are actually finishing up 2 sets of plants using the 1 shot amendment and results have been good enough to greenlight this round.
We will also be recycling all of the coco loco used this round.
Anywho, thats enough of the boring stuff. Check back later for updates and some cool little grows!

Week 2 check in.....
We have what appears to be 5 happy healthy seedlings, woot!

week 2.5 check in

the angel of death visited the tent today and claimed a soul. lil fbtO2 succumbed to what i imagine was the pretty not great seedling environmenti got going on in my tent currently lol.
this is the first fall/winter ive been growing and i have not got the environment dialed in in the least apparently lol. at least in regards to seeds and seedlings.
we are grabbing a humidifier so hopefully that will help out my lil babbers there in the beginning.
i am leaning towards replacing that seedling in the 5gal pot with 2 smaller plants so operation pounder is still on, just had the first of many hiccups!

week 3 check in

we are back on track tho 1 plant short. so the plan is to replace that missing 5gal plant with 2x 2gal plants. im waiting on some mail before i drop but as soon as i have life there i will add those 2 new babbers into the mix here.
so the 4 plants left are looking much better now having had time to get over the hiccups last week. the fast buds tester O1, and beastmode from megabuds are just rocketing along. luving that, and the other 2 plants chemdogging x cdlc and nurple are turning the corner as well.
heres our new tent arrangement until the 2 new plants are in the picture

week 4 check in-
Tents starting to shape up as the plants are all hitting preflower and the stretch.
I have added a top dressing this week in hopes of staving off some of the issues I’m seeing with this nftg water only grow. All 4 of these gals seem to be in pretty good shape tho.
I’m hoping the top dressing and extra soil/amendment in these pots has curbed the potassium and mag def I’ve seen in the plants in smaller pots using the same feed routine.
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