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Day 40 Veg


these girls/boys are looking lush and lovely right now. They were repotted into 1.6 gal. Soilless containers, and are under one of my new vipar boards. They are growing fast at this point and in a couple of weeks ill be able to start shifting them to flower. With these 5 its hard to tell who's who yet, but im starting to get an idea.
Their feed is staying the same for now- every week they get Sensi Grow @ full strength, w/ B-52, Diamond Nectar, and Protekt silica. Then they get a Recharge, myco tea, sugars, and azos feed. On off days its H20 w/ cal-mag buffer. They are loving every bit of it, and stay wanting fed. Here are some photos of the lovely babies
this is the tallest & the shortest of the set so far. I like the short one. Kinda cute. And here below they are one by one, in no particular order:


They only get a minimal train/trim during the first round, because i want to see what the plant whats to do on its own, without much interference. I take off leaves that cut off air flow, or block lots of light, sometimes suckers along the bottom, but thats just to enhance the natural growth. Once we know how she grows, we can train/trim to maximize yields.
Any questions about the grow please post below :)


It’s nice to see people growing genetics from my state. Will definitely follow along, good luck!
My state too! Michigan is giving Cali a run for its money, imho. Im all about mitten meds.
Follow along on my IG, too! I post tons of photos there. These and all my girls. @swamplillys.

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