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WK 1 - babies


The pbs area all doing wonderfully right now. Days 3-4, and 95% germination rate. Out of 7 beans, Only one didn't pop, and that could have been me. Amazing. So 6 of the cups you see are pbs. It's a big pain to get individual photos at this age. They all look identical, except for the ones that are younger.

They are on typical 18/6 cycle, and are sittin pretty about 28" under a viparspectra full spec. LED. Ive planted all the seedlings in sunny mix #4, in individual solo cups.
They will be given the cal-mag (CaliMag), Recharge (Real Growers,microbes), and compost tea (Planet Earth) every feed until days 8-12, when we start increasing things. (Check feed sched. Page for more details)
There is a tiny bit of stretch in some seedlings, buti had a fan die on me, and it took a few hrs to get things replaced. They grow ridiculously fast at this age. Everything is fine & under control now, and they will be like nothing happened in a few days.


It’s nice to see people growing genetics from my state. Will definitely follow along, good luck!
My state too! Michigan is giving Cali a run for its money, imho. Im all about mitten meds.
Follow along on my IG, too! I post tons of photos there. These and all my girls. @swamplillys.

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