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WK2 Veg

So There has been a bit of a culling. There are now only 5 PBS babies. Even though i culled some, they were all perfectly viable. I am working with limits, though, and have to choose a certain # of plants. So I chose the best 5. They are all still pretty well alike, from strain to strain. There are no discernable differences yet, so i am still taking one group photo. As soon as they get a bit bigger and start to get some personality I will start giving them their own photos. But for now, here is what I have been up to with them for the past few:

So far they are doing great. They get thier Calmag, trinity recharge feed once more during this time, and they are also going from 1/8 to 1/3 strength Sensi Grow + B-52 (both one feed)
After that, theyll get a mild dose of Protekt with their Sensi Grow.. On off days I give them calmag and filtered water. They are drinking nice and steady. No problems so far. Will give a more detailed update when there is more to give.
Here is their photo for the week.
Enjoy, Y'all!


It’s nice to see people growing genetics from my state. Will definitely follow along, good luck!
My state too! Michigan is giving Cali a run for its money, imho. Im all about mitten meds.
Follow along on my IG, too! I post tons of photos there. These and all my girls. @swamplillys.

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