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Chemdogging x CDLC

This entry is part of a series of entries Mephisto Genetics Grow Series
Heya peeps!

Here we have 1 of the strains in the tent, its a mephisto genetics freebie i received, chemdogging x cdlc.

So setup is pretty much exact same across the board in the tent this round, heres the quick recap...

*4x4x6 tent
*Autocobs and qbs for light, about 370w when everythings full powered
*5gal fab pots with coco loco
*1 shot from nftg and recharge for nutes/additives

This little guy popped 11.8.19 so its just now a little over a week old so not a lot going on yet. We are planning on giving it its first shot of recharge this next week.

Check back for weekly updates, hopefully the grow is stupid easy and rewarding lol.


Week 6 is in the books and it was a good week!
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