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This entry is part of a series of entries Mephisto Genetics Grow Series

First 4 weeks Feed Schedule

Week 1
Cali-Magic cal-mag, Roots Trinity, and Recharge @ 1/2 strength
lots of H2O

Week 2
Sensi Grow @ 1/4-1/3 strength, B-52 @ 2/3 strength
Cal mag, Trinity, and recharge @ 2/3 strength

Week 3
Sensi Grow @ 1/2 sterngth
cal mag, trinity, recharge, and B-52 @ 2/3 strength

between 18-21 days, I start giving them Armor-si, which is a silica.

Week 4

Sensi Grow @ 2/3 strength, B-52 as well. cal mag, trinity and recharge are at full strength at this point.

oc COURSE I dont give them all of this at once. The grow gets interspersed with the cal mag/trin/rech trio, and also fresh water.
This is a typical start to what I grow. I have several different plants on this regimen right now
Next entry in series Creme de la Chem
Previous entry in series Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Sour Orange Diesel Crack


Beautiful plants you got there, if you love the chem you have you try there white chem.
why thank you much. I've not tried the white chem yet. they havent been selling in the US lately, and I've never bought Mephisto from anywhere BUT mephisto, so....... im kinda spoiled. lol j/k. But I've grown almost their entire lineup. I found em about 5 years ago, and got lucky enough to get my hands on some of the original genetics. I've got a bit of a breeding project going on with them in another thread. a chemdogging, a creme de la chem, and a 3 bears mom are the latest in the lineup. Working on their babies right now, sorting.
Very nice, love mephisto also doing a bit of my own pollen chucking. I have blue nuggets, white chem, stilton x 3 bear og, and forgotten cookies x forum stomper in my seed bank now. Happy growing good job its good to see a girl outgrowing most men go girl.
I love the forgotten cookies. my original cross was a FC w/ a tyrone purps, which was someone's cross of a tyrone special and a deep sea creature male. I've gotten a lot of purples out of the seeds. the chem cross mom I got now, like gen 3 or 4, id have to look at the books.... she's 4 feet tall in less than a gallon of soil. some amazing genetics.

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