Day 40 and 33

Both plants are growing well.

They are still on the same schedule of AN Sensi Grow A+B every three days, 2.5ml per 1.5litres of water, with plan water in between. Each plant gets its own feed and again another 1.5 litres of plan water that night.

The Lemon Kix which is on Day 40 is still in stretch but showing promise with the volume of tops in pre flower. The LST produced a rouge cola that shot up rapidly, growing up past the light. This was gently bent over to create an even canopy.

The Chocolate Kush has really exploded with bud sites everywhere. I inadvertently split her trunk yesterday tightening the ties to bring a branch down. I released the tension to avoid further disaster and dressed the wound with Manuka honey. I hope this doesn't slow growth after she's put so much effort in.

I will be changing the Lemons feed from tomorrow, this will change to 1/4 Bloom and 3/4 Grow then a 50/50 mix of both until we are finally feeding Bloom A+B at about day 53ish.

Happy Growing:jointman:


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