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Day 40: Double Grape, CDLC and Auto Amnesia

Been feeding every three days - will have to monitor as the pots felt very light this time. Fed all three with FF Big Bloom (1.5ts); Grow Big (1ts) & Tiger Bloom (1ts) - basically following wekk-5 schedule at a reduced concentration. Supplemented water with Epsom salt (1T per gallon) and molasses (2T per gallon) with a final pH of 6.8. Noted some rust marks on the AA and I believe I may have the start of a calcium/magnesium deficiency (or excess of potassium causing a lockout)... Did some more defoliation to clear lower bud sites and leaves to improve light exposure and circulation.

Day 40-1.JPEGDay 40-2.JPEGDay 40-4.JPEG


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