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Day 41 feed for bloom

For the the past week or so these ladies have been in full stretch. That's something I have only seen once before in an auto in my one year (this month) of growing. Each lady got a gallon of solution and the chosen daddy got about 2.5 quarts

I fed them today, but switched to Sensi Bloom, 2 tsp/gallon along with 2 tsp Green Aminos and 1 tsp dried green coconut milk.

I've been having to raise the light almost every day this week. The chosen daddy hasn't yet shown signs of masculinity and is far behind its sisters because it's in a smaller pot and probably stunted by the chemicals as well.

I've never grown double grape before and am encouraged by the size they are getting to. Next time I grow one for bud I'm going to a larger pot because I think they have even more potential than they're showing now.


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