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Day 52 - Buuuuds. And Nutrient issues...

Day 52 dawns and the plants are all well into flowering. Unfortunately, some problems started to rear their heads similar to what I usually see during the early flowering period. After watering the girls on Friday (Day 49) I noticed that both the Watermelon and Cinderella Jack leaves became a lot more pale. Furthermore a lot of lower leaves on the Cinderella jack died - nearly within 12 hours.

This is a common issue I see during the early flowering phase, as the flowers are developing and the plant is stretching.

Cinderella Jack + Watermelon:
I've seen some rust spots as well which looks like a Phosphorous deffeciency, but I'm wondering if my nutes are still too strong. I've been feeding these at 60% the recommended dose from they had 2 nodes, but noticed online that BioBizz only treats the flowering period as from the flower fully forming (as it is now) which may explain the issues I've seen. If I'm overfeeding then this is likely a result of lockout.

For reference, plants were fed with water with a starting EC of 0.222 and 0.6EC of nutes were added:
Bio-Grow (N) - 0.6ml/L
Bio-Bloom (PK), Bio-Heaven, Acti-Vera, Alg-a-Mic - 1.2ml/L
Top-Max - 0.6ml/L

Unsure whether to continue to feed but reduce the amount by half, or skip a feeding to allow the plant to catch up a bit. pH has always been between 6.3-6.8 when feeding.

The Green Gelato continues to do well, with insane trichome coverages and good bud structure - I've never had trichomes form on the fan leaves before:
Finally the Prosecco continues to grow on, with a weird double top presenting itself. It looks like it has nute burn but when it started life it also showed variagation, so I'm unsure what I'm seeing. Overall it's not in great shape, but it hasn't been since Day 1. Will continue to grow it out and see what happens.
A nice family picture to round off this entry. The RH has thankfully been dropping and staying in the 50%, which I'm pleased about as flower continues.


Your girls have too many leaves, it's choking out light that should be able to reach lower into the canopy. Leaves will naturally rust out when this happens because they know they're not helping the plant and want to fall off. Remove any leaves with dark red stems and or heavy discoloration.

Also your nute feed is too weak. Your girls should all be a much darker green. Didn't look to see what your numbers are or what you're using, but you need more. Good luck!

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