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Day 74 Think different DWC under Telos 10-pro

9 days left until harvest:smoking:
I dont really know what to say. Im speechless on this grow. I have never seen anything like this. This is my 2nd dwc grow ever and first grow with an EC meter. She grew so much bigger and faster than I was expecting. Alot of hard work... she is drinking 20liters+ in a 19litet res/day can you believe?:yoinks::nono:

Anyway Im really glad to end this grow soon. Its been a bit stressful without an automated pump.

Any tips what EC should I keep for the last couple of days before flush?

Added also platinum leds p150 to make the bottom branches fatten up more









How do you mean I dont have to flush?
some people dont flush there plants at all just feed until harvest there have been studies done that show there is no notable difference in the final product when compared buttt in my personal opinion there hasnt been enough research done yet to say for definite i personally do leach my nutrients in the last few weeks but continue to add sweeteners until harvest its personal preference
How do you mean I dont have to flush?
What @Trichome farmer said.

I keep my EC low the entire grow at a 1.0 with pH swings between 5.5-6.2. @pop22 has a thread debunking flushing. Basically withholding nutrients when the plant is still trying to grow. Imo, flushing is for high EC concentrations or when there is an error that can't be simply fixed.

Also TC is correct in adding sweeteners. Towards death the plants will begin withholding carbs from the rhizosphere so adding a carb source improves growth.

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