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Day 84 and 74

The Lemon Kix is on day 84 and has been fed plain ph'd water for the last 13 days bar that one feed of molasses documented in the last update.


Providing we stay on track, I'm aiming to harvest on the 14th June, as planned. There has been no noticeable increase in bud mass over the last 24hours, she's telling me she is ready. I have a mixture of cloudy and amber trichomes, just how I like it but the amber will increase over the next few days.

I'll cover the surface of the pot in ice and start her dark period for 48hrs starting Saturday morning.



The Chocolate Kush has started packing on bud now and is on her 2nd course of Overdrive with two more feedings to go over the next 6 days, then plan water to finish, same as the Kix ;)


Until the next update, which will probably be choppy chop time, happy dreaming ;)


Lol wouldn’t we all, mine is the same size , started with 2 lost one. Just finished the remaining one yesterday, but good to see she can take 2 like that, what size pots though, I’m in 5 g.
one more thing what’s the height of your tent, mine is only 5 ft, I had an inch to spare on this grow.

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