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DWC First Timer - Day 35 - RQS Fat Banana Automatic & Diesel Automatic

Hello all,

End of week 5 and I’m waiting impatiently lol. Update at day 36.

It’s been a week of gradual growth, bad lst practices and heavy drinking.

10th September: Filled my separate 80 litre res with 50 litres tap water. 475ppm, tested 2 points lower than normal at 7.5ph. 3 hours later to ph had gone up to 9.4. Fml.

11th September: Ph measured at 8.5. Again, PH down added first to bring down to a base value of 5.8. Ppm dropped to 425. Bubble overnight.

12th September: Added 75ml each of Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Micro, Grow & Bloom. Bubbled a couple hours. Solution was 800ppm and Ph at 6.4. Changed the res solution.

Other grow notes:

- Tent temp has stayed between 69-76f. Some colder nights but not extreme.
- Average solution temps are at 67-71f.
- Growth has been good and steady. Plants drank 20-25l in 7 days. I’ll top up during next week when the res level drops.
- More discoloured leaves, yellowing again. Thinking its because they’re thirsty, up’d nute dose this week again by about 25%.
- Lst was good to start. Broke a stem, i underestimated how stiff the branches are. Hopefully they stretch up more this week so i can arrange them a bit better.
- Removed 3-4 leaves that were touching the bucket. Does anyone recommend more defoliation?
- Banana is so bushy and tight I’m hesitant when bending out the side branches. Maybe better if I’d have started when the main stem was still supple. 1 or 2 pistils turned white. Height is 8 inches.
- Diesel bushy but growing vertically and spreading Nicely, main stem is rock solid, only the tip bends. Broke a side branch when pulling out. Taped up but not looking great. Height is 11 inches.
- Roots have entwined and are building quite a mass. Look white and healthy.

Thanks to @derek420colorado and @MissUniverse for mid week feedback.



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