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End of week 4 start of week 5

This is a Test Field
Jean-O's Genetics
The girls are in age between 24 and 28 days from seed. All have shown sex and have started some pre flower stretch. Still on easy street with the Dr earth dry amendments and the Happy Frog fruit and flower. Im throwing in a bit of Black Molasses and some General Organics Bio Root 0-1-1. Im growing in 7 gallon fabric pots with amended soil Im on my 3rd use with. The original base was pearlite and pro mix hp. I have a total of 500 true wats from the wall in an assortment of LED lighting full spectrum.. The cab runs pretty steady right around 77 to 83 deg F and between 50 and 55% RH my heater for the house is right beside my grow which is now running since its winter so ive had to start to run my humidifier to keep the RH up. I definitely prefer to grow inside through the winter months it is much easier to maintain the grow environment.

Group shot of the cab Its starting to fill out pretty good I have run this set up for almost a full year but have recently changed how I am running it. I went to less plants in bigger pots instead of multiple plants in small pots. Last run I filled the cab with 3 plants so Im hoping I didn't over do it this run but I threw in a few pheno's that have run on the smaller side for me in the past so I should be ok to fit it all in here....

The front right plants in the pic are the Forgotten Cookies and Blue Dog that I am selectively hitting branches on with the CS spray for the feminized pollen...Its been about 2 weeks of the spray every day sometimes twice a day and I will continue to do so for about 2 more weeks and I should start to see some signs of the pollen sacks. Endless possibilities from where to go from their though with the crosses.


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