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Heya peeps and peepettes, merry holidaze to you and yours!!
just wanted to drop a line for this entry for 2 of the last seedlings to get going this year, Fast Buds fastberry and chemdawg.
they are a part of this last drop for the year, and will hopefully be another easy grow for us. everything will be setup the same, 2gal pots with recycled coco loco, megacrop and recharge as additives and nutes.
i will be trainging the plants this round, gonna see if we cant get a little freaky deaky!
thanks for stopping by and we will be posting weekly updates as pages, so dont forget to check back for updates if you wanna follow along!

im not normally much of a tagger but im working on that! heres just a few of the peeps who have helped me out on my journey, or who have asked for a tag. a shout out to them for everything!
@Fast Buds Heather @Wawashell @Steviestash @supressed @Sabelter O Adoob @TxRebel @St. Tom @woody

week 2 look in
Not a great week for visible growth but hopefully that just means the roots did some good growing.
will start feedings this coming week so hopefully they get a little boost


Keep that rotation chugging along buddy! Had me a ggXss mephisto that I thought dies since it was laying sideways into the soil but put 2 other meph in closet and the cfl for them like 18” away from lil one caused it to change its mind on croaking and damn thing was standing up last night (after starting 2 more :( )! Glad yours aren’t playing games on you! May need another tent myself at this rate!
Looking good and Merry Christmas amigo!

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