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heya peeps. we are back with the last installment for the Blog Last Drop of 2019!
we are super stoked too, the strain is female seeds auto bubble. cant wait to chew on some of that tastiness!!!
we actually have another auto bubble going in a smaller solo cup style grow and we wanted to see what this gal can do with a little more space to lay roots.

quick recap the plant is in a 2gal rootbuilder pot with recycled coco loco.
we will be actively feeding nutes this round and will use megacrop, teas from roots organic, and straight bennies from the recharge.
the plant will be under a combo of cobs and qb lights, power ranging from 70ish watts at the start up to 370ish watts during bloom.
the plant will start out the grow in a 2x4x6 tent and will probably finish up in a 4x4x6 tent.
for purposes of our blog we will be posting weekly updates of the larger, newer auto bubble with random itty pics tossed in. as per the norm the weekly updates will be posted as pages, to help keep em nice and tidy.

a big thanks to the fine folks at female seeds and @gennaro-fs for giving us the opportunity to run some of their strains!
i have a feeling we will be seeing more of female seeds in a future drop, got my eye on that auto kush and speedbud!!

week 1

Week 2 is in the books.
we’ve started light nutes and bending the main stem.

Week 3
Another good week in the books! Hop over into the pages for deets and such!

Week 4 is in the books! Check the page for all the deets!


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