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Fernweed Grows

first blog entry, lets see if i am doing this right...
wanted to keep people updated about my / the fernweed grow ->

Strain: Humboldt Seed Co - freakshow
Bought from irvine seed co via online store ( would buy again from them)
Strain is said to be not that potent. Time will tell :)

I started my fern weed early September, she has been growing nicely and looks nothing like what most are used to here. I can confirm she is actually exactly what we all come here for, just looks a little different. Just like all of us here, coming from different backgrounds all over the world, she too is getting a chance to shine :)

My plan is to grow her to where I can take clones, once clones are established I will flower her.
one clone will get STS treatment to preserve these genes a little longer

I dont expect this to be a particularly super potent strain, nor a large producer.
time will tell what she does and I will record it here...

september 4 2020

Sept 7

Sept 9

Sept 15

Sept 22 - I topped this plant sometime in this week, not sure if the picture is before or after. its hard to tell.

Sept 29 - she was topped but I do not plan on doing an additional training - just let her do her thing.

Sept 30
View attachment 1238701

October 3 picture - 1 month old...

October 6.
Topped the fernweed for the second time to keep her low and promote the lower growth to push up...

October 15 update ....
I took some cuttings from down low to make clones. Here is also a shot of some of the leaves I took off the clones. I think they look pretty cool.



Thank you for starting a blog on this thing I've been trying to fallow along with the random post/pics; this is so much easier. Looking great bro I'll be watching for updates
Just wanted to give an update since she is basically 2 month old.
I had topped her and now I'm getting a good push from the internodes. She is staying low but that's perfect since my veg tent is 2ft tall only :D

I'm feeding mega crop, around 250 ppm is my target. Might go a little lighter since the color is a good strong green.


Just posted a quick update to show her progress .. topped her for a second time to keep her short and promote the lower branches to grow more

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