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First auto grow

This is a Test Field
You must be like the wolf pack... not like the six-pack
My 1st proper auto grow, I'm growing 5 BCN critical xxl, and 1 OG Kush and 1 Kings kush,
I'm growing them under 125w red cfl and a 300w blue cfl, also have a T8 with 4 2 ft 18w bulbs equaling 72 w, temps were running low with the fans on so turned them off and sealed up tent except a small opening on the tent roof, temps now running between 24c and 26.5c,
I will either put in a space heater or get a 600w hps in the next few weeks instead of the cfls, I don't like all these plugs as I currently 3 lights plugged into an extension lead with 3 fans and if a heater is to go in that will be 7 plugs and I only have one socket to plug the extension lead into, so I'm on day 3 now and everything seems to be going well except 2 bcns are abit slow to stand up and still hunched over abit, hopefully thier standing up tall tomorrow, other than that it's all good, gona do a journal, is this how I start one, thsnks
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I moved all plants up off the floor so they would be closer to the middle of the tent and put the fan in the far corner facing lightly towards the plants opened up roof vent and opened the floor vent a little bit, everthing seems sweet now, temps under lights is 26c and berween 50 and 60 % humidity and up high in the tent temps and humidity is running the exact same,

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