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First entry

It seems that the blog doesn't become visible until you post the first entry. So I'm reposting the front page here. Apologies if I'm wrong and you already saw it in your feed.

I soaked a 3-pack overnight (that's actually 5 seeds) of Double Grape yesterday. My intention is to choose one to reverse and pollinate one of the others for seed. I'll pick the largest female of the indica phenos for the mother and flower out the remaining ones for harvest. I originally planned to breed the two largest together, but after researching it and finding that the larger pheno is harder to train and provides larfy buds, decided against that.

I added coconut milk and green aminos in the soak water. One seed went to the bottom of the jar and the others were still floating after about 18 hours, so given my past experience with Mephisto beans, I expect to have four plants to work with. This morning I put all five seeds on a wet paper towel inside a one-gallon zip lock bag, filled it full of air from my lungs (like a balloon) and placed it on top of my tent to keep it warm. I expect to see roots tomorrow.

I'm terrible at keeping records, but this blog will be different - I promise!

I hope to get hundreds of beans from this effort, which should give me a lifetime supply of seeds to use and share. So if someone is interested in trying out these seeds, let me know and we can probably work something out.

I also have a Black Widow male that I may use to pollinate one of the other girls with to grow out some regulars - I haven't decided yet. If I do that, I'll be looking for people to help me breed back to pure autos and hunt for phenos. Given plant count limits in my state, it seems to me that the community is the only way to get there before retirement lol.

I have vast experience in growing cannabis - 11 months so far lol. So suggestions are welcome. Especially with choosing the mother and "father."
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