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First Grow With AFN!

I have spent nearly two weeks consuming tons of valuable information and getting to know some of the great people here at AFN, and I have decided it's time to stop dragging my feet and get to work on my first grow journal.

@Mañ'O'Green and @St. Tom , Thank you guys for explaining how everything works around here, and motivating me to get this thing going.

@damien50 , Thank you for the awesome tutorial on how to start a grow journal. I'm sure I wouldn't have made it this far without your illustrations.

A little bit about my equipment and circumstances.
currently, I'm really short on space and cash so I am going to make due with what I have on-hand for the time being. I will make additions and upgrades as I go and I'll share that info when something changes.
I'm going to be starting my seedling's under two 24" single bulb t-5 florescent fixtures, and a 12w led. I have a 80w 48" two bulb t-5 that I have to get out of storage.
I intend to pick up a Mars-hydro TS-600 in time to make the flip; If I can scrape up a little more in time, I might get the TS-1000 instead.
(The goal is just make it til tax time so I can get a proper tent set up). Until then, I'll be growing in a small space in the living room.

About the genetics / Disclaimer
I'm germinating 3 seeds. 1x Moui Woui, 1x Gran Daddy Purp, and 1x seed from a bag bought locally.
Because commercial cannabis cultivators and dispensers are held to strict guidelines that require them to track their products from seed to end-user, there is about a 90% chance the seeds are what was stated on the package. Also, because they were from commercial growers, it's probably safe to assume that they are photo-periods.
I just hope they are feminized. As for the unknown seed, the bag it came out of was lime green and ridiculously frosty so I'm hoping for more great smoke. Also, it was the only seed out of at least a dozen bags, so I'm really hoping it's not a dud or a dude.


I placed the seeds in a damp paper towel, and put the paper towel in a zip-lock bag. I zipped the bag nearly shut, then I blew it up like a balloon and closed the bag.
The bag was then wrapped in a heat pad and placed in a dark place.



Good luck to you. I'm along for the ride. :dancer:
Thanks bro, glad to have you along. also, I didn't realize the blog starts on the description page not the actual entry, should i just delete the description page?

Thanks bro, glad to have you along. also, I didn't realize the blog starts on the description page not the actual entry, should i just delete the description page?
You have your Blog - "Tmonney Grows Dank" for example then you have within that Blog - your entry - "First Grow With AFN!"

You don't need to delete that. You'll lose the entry and blog.

F | T |F Growery

F | T |F Growery

Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus. Welcome to the Growery. My personal blog space where I grow and show. I like quality, I'm slightly a perfectionist, and OCD to some degree. Product testing, general runs of my favorite cultivars, maybe some preservationism, and a bunch of pictures. Love taking...

That is my blog.

F | T |F Growery: Ace+SSSC+Dina+Sannie's+RO Rehab

F | T |F Growery: Ace+SSSC+Dina+Sannie's+RO Rehab

don't like grow journals, maybe others do, I don't. Welcome to my ACE+SSSC+DINA+RO: Rehab project. Got my RO system, 8ft flood tables for food, and 100+ gallons of Growpito to condition. I'm participating in the Dinafem battle that I am incredibly, severely behind on, and also the SSSC...

That is an entry within the above blog like yours.
My temps are running around 68-72 f, I know it should be closer to 75- 80f for seedlings this stage. I don't know my RH I don't have a hydrometer at the moment. I know both over saturation and the temp can stunt them. I watered last night with the same 2 oz of water but didn't run off this time so I'm pretty sure the moisture is under control now.
So I posted my week 1 update early. But I'm getting my second sets of true leaves now.
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they look fine for day 7 bro a lot of the growing up till now is underground on the roots and i expect them to double in size or more within 5 days as now is were i notice growth spurts also never compare your seedling to other growers as different genetics grow faster also using different media

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