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I gave her a small trim. Shade layers 2 and 3 were crowing the other outside sites. I circled the layers I defoliated in red. In blue circles, you can see some claw that I'm monitoring. Still no discoloration, and it's week one of the nutrients, so I'm trying to remain calm. pH is 5.83 and nutrient levels are below bottle recommendations. Trying to ease her into the growth spurt.
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some people start counting days from sprout and others when the first leaves open up. IMO autos timer is set after its germinated and it has popped out a little tail. So the faster you germinate the bigger yield you will get. I managed to germinate my TD seed in 24hours then i planted it in a rockwool cube in hydro and put it under light and it popped up in just another 24hours after planting it.

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