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From seed to harvest, a weed tale by Doppio Beggings, Day 6!

Hello everybody! Hope you are all safe and doing great! :thumbsup:

I spent a lot of time these last few days asking for help and advice on the chat here on autoflowers.net and I must thank infinitely each of you today for this great achievement! Germination occurred, 2 out of 2!


It was definitely a fantastic day! I woke up, prepared a coffe and went to check my ladies, as I now do every morning... I open the grow box and there is a welcome surprise waiting for me! :joy: ...sooooo here we are! I am actually the proud parent of two autos! :smoking:


My girls, the one on the left is A, the one on the right is B, but it's only a matter of time before I find a name to give them, I already have some ideas! :smoking:

What has happened since the sprout to date...
From Monday to today I have spent a lot of time studying, reading, asking for advice and trying to understand! I hope to continue doing things well and get a satisfactory result in the end!

Here they are my little girls today, 6 days after planting the seed directly into presoaked soil.
  • Light schedule: 20/4
  • Light distance: 28 inches, as suggested by the manufacturer for germination stage.
  • Temperature (dome): up to 87,8F in light zone to 75,2F in dark zone
  • Humidity (dome): from 70% to 75% Rh. At 75% Rh the Inkbird humidity controller will turn on my air extractor, it will lower the Rh to 70% and shut it down. So it will be all day and night long.
  • Fans: fixed clipfan h24 on, oscillating tower fan on only during light zone.





Sooo guys, gow are my girls doing?

I decided to remove the domes, this gives me a nice temperature at soil of 78,8F, will set the RH to 60%/62% and I should be fine for the veg stage, this is my big plan,humidity controller will help by switching on/off the humidifier depending by the requirements. Air extractor fan will be always on, h24 from on. Hope it's gonna work! :smoking:

Final thoughts, fails and fun facts happened during the journey!
  1. The very first night since I germinated I completely f***ed up a brand new carbon filter because I let the humidity rise up to 99% all over the night :smoking: luckily I understood that the problem was only the filter, the extractor is safe. I am still asking myself how it is possible that the ladies survived! :woohoo1:
  2. I learned to better manage the temperature and humidity inside the grow box, and had to do it quickly, the Inkbird humidity controller helped a lot.
  3. I bought an humidifier.
  4. I discovered the VPD chart and what it means, will try to stick to it, but I still didn't understand what's that entry "Leaf Temperature Adjustment", any help would be appreciated.
That's all for now guys, thank you all for the time spent reading me and possibly thanks for any advice!
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Doppio! I really don't have any advice I'm just curious as to your results. I just started my first grow ever and I'm waiting for the birth of my triplets myself. I've got my setup pretty simple and have went back and forth on building a grow room but I want to see what the difference would be (understanding that a lot of factors goes into that)
When you measure VPD it's based on

Ambient temperature
Leaf Surface temperature

You should have a thermometer gun to measure the temperature at the leaf. So an example could be

Ambient - 84f
Leaf Surface - 81f
Humidity - 77%

The leaf offset is the ambient versus the LST so it is 3°

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