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Here we go again!

Hello AFN family,
Yes indeed, here we go again. After giving the tent a right good clean in the last 24 hours with a bleach solution from top to bottom, Inc fan, light, pots, collection plates etc etc I sewed four lovely little seeds this afternoon.
I used bio-biz light in four 10l pots as last time, soaked each with 2l of 6.1ph solution of 1/3 strength canna root stimulator.
Tent is 1x1x2, light is a phlizon 1500 hanging at 18".
Seeds are trainwreck auto ( rear left), wedding glue auto ( rear right) and two critical white widow autos in front.
Current temp is 27c and 60%rh.
Will just be spraying twice a day with water at 6.2ph up to and just after they break ground and then see what they ask for.
Light is on 20/4 and at 3/4 strength, will probably reduce to 18/6 at some point during veg stage.
Fingers, toes and eyes crossed they're healthy, happy seeds.
They have they're own radio on during light time, keeps them entertained!
I'll post again when someone breaks ground :kiss:


my babies are buried, it's all on now


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