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Holding the cold night temps at bay. :/

Been kinda tricky as I'm only using a small heater but as it dropped below freezing here I managed to keep the tent around 55. The girls seem to be doing ok. Not sure if the cold night temps have affected growth yet. I'm too green with autoflowers to call that yet. But they are all healthy and pumping onward and upward so I think everything is all good in Monkey's hood.

Thanks for stopping by,

Day 18 for the Blue Jack. Just squatting and bushing out currently.


TT auto babies approaching 1 week old now. 1x Nova OG is 1 Week today. :)


FB GG Day 13. Keeps asking me if she is ugly. :/ What do I say afnfam? Definitely more 'character' to her then the average seedling. :gassy:


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