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Hope i'm doing this journal thing right

Hi guys. @Builder0101 @420Forever @automan2 @automan @Kyote @Arthur @St. Tom @derek420colorado @OttoCBD @Mañ'O'Green
So, yesterday they hit the 2nd week mark after breaking soil. Still dealing with bug issue, deliveries are delayed. No names yet, we're accepting options.
Girl 1,2 and 3 (RQS auto cheese), 4 and five, i have no idea. They are the result of the seeds last grow. Maybe white widow. I would like some advice on when take them out of the tent, so not to create issues with the others.
And there's a new girl that sprouted on girl 4 pot. Should i take it and try to grow in other pot?
LST is starting soon on girls 1, 2 and 3.
Chime in.
Edit_ For some reason the pics aren´t here. Go to Gallery


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