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Megabuds Beastmode Auto

Megabuds Beastmode Auto check in week 4

whats up peeps, its that time again for the weekly update!
beastmode has been, well, beasting really. its another healthy, vigorous growing plant.
the grow is still on track to be easy peasy.
i havent done any training on this round of plants but i am snipping fan leaves as necessary.
the feeds are still 6 days a week water only, and 1 day a week the plant gets recharge.
i mentioned it in another entry but i have decided to add a topdressing this round so at the end of week 5 ill be adding roots organic terp tea bloom tea mix as a topdressing. hopefully thatll push the plants just a little bit, get em thru bloom for some sexy harvests!
thats about it really, this grow has been relatively easy, troubles aside.
thanks for checking in with me and catch you next week!



I got off track here, I’ll get all caught up later but let’s take a look at Beastmode these days!
she’s doing alright, had some hiccups there as bloom got going but she’s powering thru em.
I think Beastmode will be done in the next 2-3 weeks and that makes me happy!

Beastmode is down!
She got the chop this am.
She’s a beefy gal, tried to turn out even tho I did her no favors thru this grow lol.
haven’t had a chance to sample yet but I’m rather pleased with the results honestly.
thanks for following along, and no worries there will be a smoke report here as soon as it’s dry enough to spark!
Thank you to @MegaBuds for the awesome opportunity!!!
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Mostly yes! I do give the plants a weekly dose of recharge and/or a bloom tea from roots organic.
im on the fence about the 1 shot tho. All 5 plants have had some issues I think directly related to the 1 shot.
i think it’s better used to recondition soil for reuse than as a main nute source during the grow and I’ll continue to use it in between grows but I’m going back to a couple other active nute routines I think.
According to Scott Ostrander, Gaia is basically One Shot in liquid form. A mid grow amendment with Gaia and Herc may get you better results. In fact I would highly recommend running Herculean Harvest from about week two all the way through Harvest. Looks like a pretty good result for low maintenance run though.
That last sentence is what I focus on. To have been such a lazy grow I’m rather pleased with the results.
The cost puts it right in line with some of the other supersoil type amendments tho ive not used anything else yet like natures living soil or whatnot.
That last sentence is what I focus on. To have been such a lazy grow I’m rather pleased with the results.
The cost puts it right in line with some of the other supersoil type amendments tho ive not used anything else yet like natures living soil or whatnot.
I hear you. I've been researching similar low maintenance methods. I have seen guys running BuildASoil with nice results. The organic "Living Soil" looks very interesting but still not what I would call low maintenance. I like NFTG though and I'm considering a run with One Shot , Gaia and Herc plus a few Benny's. What kind of problems are you having that you attribute to One Shot?
It has no potassium in it apparently, npk is something like 3-10-0.
Calmag deficiency hit all 5 plants as well tho I have a sinking suspicion that it’s actually more the mag.
I don’t really have any issues with the product as it sorta did what it claims to do.
I do feel that kindsoil was a better experience as far as water only grows goes. KS seemed to hold up better thru full bloom.
not the worst stuff in the world for sure. I liked using it better than the nectar sample kit lol.
combining the 2 might be the tits but I’ll pribs skip out on it.
if I’m actively feeding during a grow I really like megacrop. Another easy to use nute.
I am trying out the Lucas Formula using gh trio micro and bloom. Gonna see what the hubbub is about there.
I enjoyed the lazy round but I’m ready to switch it back.
As an alternative there’s another amendment called natures living soil.
costs about the same and you use the product the same way. Amend soil and then water only the actual grow.
I have not used it yet but I have seen fair results with it as well and no mentions of the same sorta consistent built in deficiencies.

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