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Ok hoping to figure this out sooner than later but for now we’ll add an entry to make sure I am doing this process correctly! 1st up are 2 from the batch of seeds I ordered Black Friday! This grow may wind up being experimental in nature since I am swapping to cultured biologix sample pack I grabbed for $7! Have been using Nectar for the gods but seen as I bought good (supposedly living) soil I am thinking the burnt tops I gave my plants (and supposed to be hard to burn with nftg) but I think trying to chase my ppm to get into the 300-500ppm zone nectar calls for overdosed my plants since my soil + the extra microbes I add winds up buffering my soil well enough it’s really hard to build up excessive ppm’s without hitting em harder than necessary with nutes! Hoping their stuff that gets used once a week will be gentler on the plants but give em the lil extra boost that topdressing compost etc would do! Got an order in to build a soil for really good stuff + craft blend! Hopefully just amending with the craft blend stuff will make it to where biologix sample doesn’t need to be used but their in case! Only on Day 8ish I think (3rd round since Sept so stopped counting) but not much to share in pic as far as size but do have an interesting 1 going with the D.G.! Hopefully it survives and thrives!......
image.jpg Pinky here.....
image.jpg And triple whammy Double Grape!
Gonna try to move all activity here since 3-4 diff journals really doesn’t make sense to try to keep up with so hopefully I figure out this whole blog process! :pass:
Also here’s the $7 sample I got of cultured biologix to give a whirl!
image.jpg I will say this.... IT IS NICE TO HAVE A NUTRIENT FINALLY where I can mix up a full gallon and just shake up and use when needed whereas nectar was all about fractions and making only what u need so doing 6 diff nutes plus ph up every 2 days was starting to make me loco so break from it will be nice!
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